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Forthcoming Exhibitions


14th September  -  2nd October 2019

Louise Balaam’s evocative atmospheric landscapes of Cornwall, Norfolk, Wales, Scotland, and the South and North Downs, display a visceral emotional interpretation to the natural environments that inspire her. Jill Barthorpe’s considered still life paintings, with their characteristic chalky pastel aesthetic and the feint evidence of construction underdrawings, instil a peace in the viewer and remind us of beauty of the everyday objects that surround us in our lives. Emma Haggas’s landscapes and marine scenes are painted in such a way as to hint at their familiar form in reality, but to celebrate the elemental abstract aesthetic qualities of the forms on the canvas. Elsa Taylor’s landscapes and still lives take a similar painterly approach to her subjects, creating rich thick blocky areas of paint, often applied with a pallet knife, that draw the viewer in to the illusion of forms as well as encouraging pure joy in the medium.


19th October  -  6th November 2019

After studying Design and Fine Art and working initially in sculpture, Ana Bianchi now focuses on painting - her interest in 3D form evident in her pictures.  Bianchi’s recent landscapes are made up of almost abstract colour blocks, while her still lives are structured on earlier sculpture practice.  Emma Dunbar studied printmaking in Surrey, having wide success since. In Dunbar’s acrylics on board, vivid colours capture the inspiring essence of a scene and celebrate the decorative qualities of everyday objects, sometimes also using collage. Great-granddaughter of pre-Raphaelite Sir John Everett Millais, Fiona Millais studied Fine Art in Newcastle.  Using landscape or still life as starting points, her paintings rarely represent the primary subject directly.  Intrigued by landscape shapes, her pictures evolve from memories, drawings and notes, often also imbued with music, literature and collected natural objects - creating interwoven layers of texture, colour and history.


30th November  -  21st December 2019

Our Christmas exhibition shows work from our current stable of artists along with pictures and sculpture by artists who are showing for the first time in our gallery - thus introducing both new artists and styles to our current collection.  Prices start from £150.