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Current Exhibition


27th October  -  14th November 2018

Charles Anderson taught art for 5 years and then worked as a professional mural painter and sculptor for 30 years.  Since 1997 Charles has returned to painting pictures and contributes to many exhibitions at various galleries throughout the country.
Mhairi McGregor's response to subjects comes through in her paintings.  The spontaneity is apparent, because she does not re-work a canvas.  If she is not satisfied she will start afresh.  Mhairi exhibits throughout the United Kingdom.
Jackie Philip has painted fulltime since completing her postgraduate studies.  Her images are influenced by her overseas travels, as well as by her native Scotland and their 20th century artists.  She, too, exhibits widely in this country and abroad. 

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Forthcoming Exhibitions


1st  -  22nd December 2018

Our Christmas exhibition shows work from our current stable of artists along with pictures and sculpture by artists who are showing for the first time in our Gallery.  This gives us the opportunity to introduce both new artists and styles to the Gallery.  Prices start from £150.