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Current Exhibition


23rd April  -  12th May 2021

This exhibition of still life and landscapes by three artists each of whom are known for the vibrancy of their palette.  Emma Haggas interpretation of the landscape of southern England is her very personal response to the landscape.  Vanessa Bowman whilst known for her still life work will be showing a series of landscape paintings influenced by the Dorset countryside. Lynne Cartlidge's delicate still life paintings often comprise of only one or two objects that draw the viewer to closely observe each object.
Vanessa Bowman graduated with First Class Honours from Winchester School of Art in 1993.
Lynne Cartlidge studied art at Falmouth Art College followed by three years at Cardiff Art College.
Emma Haggas studied Fine Art, History of Art and Education at Homerton College, Cambridge. 

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Forthcoming Exhibitions


11th  -  30th June 2021

Mark Coreth’s expressive modelling of animals and birds continues in the tradition and style of the animalier sculptors of the nineteenth century.  He has though developed his own unique recognisable style of sculpting.  This in no small way comes from his being brought up on the family in Kenya where he immersed himself in the wildlife in the surrounding bush.  This study of the African wildlife has continued through frequent visits to Kenya.  Mark has travelled extensively to observe the wildlife that he sculpts.  These journeys have taken him to areas as varied as Nepal to track snow leopard, to Russia for material for an exhibition of the Siberian tiger and to Greenland.
Mark will be exhibiting twenty sculptures in this exhibition and will be in the Gallery to meet clients and discuss his work on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th June.


11th  -  29th September 2021

We are delighted to welcome back John Maddison for his sixth solo exhibition with the Jerram Gallery and look forward to seeing his wonderful still lifes, interiors and landscapes.
John has been described as a painter "capable of investing the ordinary table-top still-life with magic and mystery."
He paints the interiors of his home by electric light. His pictures glow with earth colours shot though with occasional dashes of blue.  He is preoccupied with the shapes and patterns made by accidental conjunctions of bookshelves, pictures, chair backs and objects on a mantelpiece, as well as by half-open doors.




16th October  -  3rd November 2021

We very much look forward to showing new work by these four very popular Gallery artists.  Still Lifes and Landscapes.


27th November  -  22nd December 2021

This Christmas we will be having a show of new work from The Small Paintings Group. This will provide a wonderful variety of choice of subject matter and styles at very affordable prices!