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Simon Gudgeon was born in Yorkshire in 1958, where he learnt the essential arts of observation, evaluation and interpretation of wildlife.  An impulse purchase of artist's clay at the age of 40 led him into his new career as a sculptor, whereas previously he had been painting.  He works primarily in bronze but occasionally in marble, granite, glass or stainless steel. For the modelling of the form he uses different materials, depending on the nature and scale of the object. He is well known for his sculptures of birds in flight, often with ingeniously engineered bases that seem to launch them into the air rather than anchor them to the ground.  He  has a signature smooth style that marvelously concentrates spirit and nature.  His pared-down approach to sculpture embodies the flowing line of the skeleton but it is still identifiable. Using the smallest of details, he suggests the form rather than the detail of a bird or animal.Gudgeon has attained worldwide recognition and his works are featured in many important private collections here and overseas.  In 2009 his Isis sculpture was installed in Hyde Park, the first such installation there for over 50 years.

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