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Born in 1965, Michael Weller lives near the south coast.  Becoming interested in Life-drawing he studied Fine Art at London Metropolitan University and portraiture at Lavender Hill studios.  Michale won the New English Art Club Drawing Scholarship in 2014.  In 2015 he won the Le Clerc Fowle Medal for a group of outstanding paintings at the ROI annual exhibition and the Winsor & Newton Award at the NEAC Annual Exhibition.  The NEAC elected Michael to membership in 2022.
Michael’s paintings are delicately tonal, loose, free, painterly and boarder on the abstract, but always retain the essence of their subject from reality.
"I’m an oil painter who paints from life. I like the still life setting for my paintings partly because I like to stay at home, and partly because of artists like Vuillard, Bonnard, Morandi. Someone told me recently it’s all an excuse to push around coloured mud and I agreed with them…..I paint nearby familiar things in the room that I use. Mugs, apples, a jar turned olive green with thinned-down paint, a red bowl, a blue bowl and a milk bottle. Baking soda, because of the mint-green packaging. The arrangement of shapes and colours makes me want to paint it. “….. drawing develops naturally over time.  I keep a sketchbook with me wherever I go. Sometimes I paint from the drawings but it’s mainly for the fun of it.  In 2022, I moved to Dorset and started landscape painting again.”