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This wonderful solo show continues until 30th June. Click on this link to view the full Exhibition


Born in 1958 in London, Mark then went to live on the family farm in Kenya until 1971 when he returned to the UK to attend Ampleforth College. In 1978 he attended Sandhurst Military Academy and was commissioned into the Blues and Royals where he served from 1979 - 1993 with distinction in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, the Falklands, Germany and the UK.In 1986 he was commissioned to sculpt and cast in silver 'Belisarius', the regiment's drum horse, for the Warrant Officers' Mess. A second cast, in bronze, was the Household Cavalry's wedding gift to The Duke and Duchess of York. From 1986 - 1993 he pursued both his military and artistic careers, formally retiring from the army in 1993 with the rank of Major to become a full-time sculptor.Coreth's first one-man exhibition was at the Sladmore Gallery in 1986, with subsequent ones in 1990 entitled ‘Glimpse of Africa' and in 1992 called ‘Power and Motion'. In 1993 he had a one-man show at Galerie La Cymaise in Paris and took part in Zoo Sculpt 93 - an exhibition of life size animal sculpture at London Zoo, Regents Park. In 1994 he exhibited at the Newbury Spring Festival Exhibition. From 1995 onwards he has continued to show in London and America. Throughout this period Mark Coreth has undertaken numerous private commissions. In January 2005 he travelled to Ladakh to study Snow Leopards in the wild. He was fortunate in seeing one and could therefore fulfil his ambition to make a maquette in the field.

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