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Katherine Swinfen Eady was born in 1966 and trained at the Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 1989 with an Honours Degree in Painting and Drawing. She feels very privileged to have benefited from the tutorship of David Michie, William John Houston and George Donald and others who contributed to the great reputation and traditions enjoyed by the Scottish Art Schools. The Scottish influence remains very strong in Katherine's work and her use of colour and form stems from that training. Artists such as Sir Robin Philipson and Dame Elizabeth Blackadder had a major influence on Katherine's work. They demonstrated that to be successful you do not have to compromise your talent as a true painter, a belief that Katherine holds very dear. "At Edinburgh I had the privilege to be tutored by successful artists who inspired me to continue in the tradition of Scottish oil painting." Katherine lives on Salisbury Plain and many of her landscapes show the wonderful lights and lines within that landscape. Her work is very sympathetic to the vastness of the plain and she seeks to capture the atmosphere and what lies within, rather than simple representation. In her words, she has found her voice. In 2007 Katherine was awarded the prestigious William and Mary Armour Prize at the Paisley Art Institute. This prize was in recognition of the manner in which her painting has evolved and reflects the popularity of her work amongst collectors.