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Jenny Wheatley will be exhibitiiing this Autumn with Caroline Bailey and Emma Dunbar
3rd - 21st September 2022

Jenny Wheatley, born in 1959, compares the act of painting to a process of nature which transforms and overwhelms, such as drifting off into water or the richness of a tropical rain forest. Wheatley trained at Surrey Art College where she graduated with a degree in Fine Art and Printmaking. In 1983 she won the Elizabeth Greenshield Award which she used for travelling throughout Europe and thereby extending her knowledge of the theory of art and also gathering material for her painting. One of the most distinctive of watercolourists, she produces equally fine work in oil and in the various media of painting. Her work is characterised by a variety of strongly coloured patterns worked over the entire surface of each canvas or sheet of paper to sophisticated and playful effect. Apparently undermining or subverting traditional Western notions of perspective and space, the approach has been most sympathetically applied to the cultures of the Orient, such as the Pacific and India, and to the exotic boundaries of Europe, particularly Cyprus and Venice. She is currently exploring through her work the formal qualities of paint in combination with the approach to printmaking. Painting is a compulsion for Jenny Wheatley, an activity as necessary as eating or sleeping. She thrives on intuition and practice rather than on intellect and theory. She has been happy to pass her accumulated knowledge on to others in the concentrated atmosphere of workshop and summer school. In 1984 she was elected a member of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour.