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Born in Cornwall, David continues to live and work in the West Country. He is a self taught landscape painter, working mainly in Oil and Watercolour.  Although David knew that he wanted to draw and paint from an early age, it was many years before he could devote himself full time to painting. He worked as a civil servant for 27 years but always managed to paint while working and eventually started exhibiting his  work in local galleries.  It was only in 2006 that he finally made the decision to become a full time artist.  In 2011 David was elected a member of the Royal Institute of watercolour painters. Parfitt had no art training and is totally self taught. His paintings are very much representational.  The marks he makes are important, particularly the relationship between the positive and negative shapes - they all have to be pleasing to his eye and he aims for something which is not too contrived or deliberate.  "For me, the whole process is about experimenting, learning and developing as a painter - I am constantly looking at my work, asking ‘what am I trying to say." Parfitt has exhibited widely in the West Country as well as in London.