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Vivienne Williams was born in Swansea in 1955 and studied English Literature at Reading University, before teaching English in Italy for some years. When working in a gallery in Sydney she began selling her paintings for the first time. She returned to the UK in 1983 and spent the next seven years studying and working in a Buddhist community.  She became a full time painter and returned to Wales in 1990.  Her early work was expressive and very colourful, the subject matter mostly flowers. For the last twelve years she has concentrated more on still life painting, her palette constantly evolving, her style distinctive. Vivienne has been quietly building a reputation as a significant artist in Wales over the last twenty years with regular solo exhibitions in both Swansea and Cardiff. She has exhibited at the London Contemporary Art Fair since 1992 and was a prize-winner at the National Eisteddfod in 1993. She received a highly commended prize at the inaugural Welsh Artist of the Year competition in Cardiff in 2000 and was on the panel of judges in 2008. She is a well respected painter of still life and puts three elements together - colour, form and texture. The third, texture, is very special to her art and often there are multiple layers visible, with paint or outline shapes showing through from another work, or an earlier version of the present one. Her interest in Tibetan Buddhism has a profound effect on her painting and the simple tranquillity of her compositions. Vivienne is a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy.