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Born 1941 in South Africa, Veda Hallowes worked firstly as a ceramicist and ceramics teacher prior to sculpting.  Over the years her work has been influenced by the number of different countries in which she has lived. 
Hallowes has her work cast in bronze; using fruits as a metaphor for the female torso, the subjects exude sensuality as well as humour through gentle curves and patinas developed over many years.
Describing her work, "I used to make figurative work, but by the late 90's decided that I no longer wished to express myself in this way. I therefore, embarked on a series of fruits which expressed the essence of the female figure whilst actually only alluding to it. This gave me ample scope to explore various fruits and extract their essence of fertility, beauty and originality. I love the taut smooth surfaces and try to replicate that in my work.  The work is very colour dependent, and it took many years of exploration to arrive at these beautiful and unusual surfaces."