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Born in 1969, Simon Bacon is an expressionist figurative sculptor.  He graduated with an MA in Sculptural Practice from Colchester School of Art in 2013.  He trained in Sculpture at the London Atelier of Representational Art as a pupil of Valentina Zlatarova.  Simon’s work is influenced by over twenty-five years as an Osteopath and four years postgraduate research in Transpersonal Psychology, all of which supports his expression of existential themes through the human form.  His figurative work and process is shaped by a deep interest in the body, philosophy of mind and consciousness, typically reflecting an expression and enquiry of process, and references phenomenological concepts of the body, and existential concepts such as themes of identity, individual existence, freedom and choice, which are embodied through the native of the making itself.
The sculptures undergo a number of stages from initial modelling in clay to pieces that are ultimately cast in bronze.  Representational work is gradually deconstructed, fragmented and altered through process and making until the finished pieces become unique and transformed figurative forms.  For Simon, it is important that each piece is unique, reflecting our existence and lives, which are ambiguous, uncertain and unique.
The surfaces and forms of the sculptures which in some cases appear fragile, eroded and fragmented, represent the conflict between our inner subjective reality and an outer “other” reality, the struggle with the uncertainty and ambiguity of life and the physical and psychological effects this has on us.