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Sarah Spencer is exhibiting with 15 invited members of the NEW ENGLISH ART CLUB in our Christmas Exhibition, on view to 22nd December

Born in 1965, Sarah studied at Canterbury and Camberwell Schools of Art before going on to the Royal Academy Schools.  She paints places, people and things that she is most familiar with and, for instance, the coast where she has lived most of her life recurs frequently.  She is drawn to the quality of atmosphere in the sky and landscape, which is both visual and emotional.
Sarah begins with a series of small sketches made outside in oil paint on cardboard.  These are not the end goal but the source of larger studio works.  She plays with elements gathered from different drawings until they make a picture which seems compelling.
She was elected a member of the New English Art Club in 2006.
Sarah has many major national and international awards, has taken parts in numerous exhibitions and her work can be found in both private and national collections.