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Born in 1956, Sandy was a pupil of Robertson, Shanks and Rae at Glasgow and his richly textured oils have clear antecedents in Gillies and Eardley. For Sandy it's about the paint itself. He creates colour, texture, dark and light, working on the painting as it hangs in his studio, with not necessarily a finished result in mind. He is honestly expressing himself through the paint, whether it happens to be a still life or a landscape, and this honest expression leads to beauty. From his home and studio on the west coast of Scotland, Sandy pursues an intensely single-minded passion for paint and its involvement in his visual response to his native Ayr landscape. There is beauty in his paintings and something deeper beyond the subject matter. The colour is of his own making and there is a harmony which comes from a potent mix of instinct and insight. The marks on the canvas are arrived at through a process of alchemy which would be hard to reproduce. The paintings are worked into, scraped down and repainted, but the end result is always poetic. He is a member of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours, Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts and Paisley Art Institute.