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Born in 1952, Pierre graduated from Essex University in 1973 before becoming a copywriter for 15 years. In 2000 he was elected an Associate Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. There are two distinct strands to his figurative style. One is set against strongly convergent lines, shapes and forms, while figures occupy the air and appear to float freely in improbable compositions.He prefers to sculpt the human form dynamically and classically, while sometimes it is allegorical and done on impulse blended with a sort of logical nonsense. These works are often executed with an immediate, freer hand, exploiting the texture of the raw material and are, intentionally, less polished sketches in clay.  Studio time also encompasses the study of birds, equestrian subjects, the articulation of living forms in general and depiction of groups in motion.  His work includes stand-alone, fixed and suspended installations - working with, but not limited to, steel, bronze, clay and plaster.  Another aspect of his work is expressed using pencil, pen, pastel and oil on canvas and paper, where he can exploit his love of strong line, colour and texture, free from the rigours and physical demands of sculpting.