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Born 1955 and educated in Scotland, Mairi Stewart studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art graduating in 1977.  She was involved in Art education for many years before becoming a professional artist and now works from her Edinburgh studio exhibiting regularly in Galleries throughout the UK.
Stewart is inspired by her love of colour and pattern and never tires of exploring the possibilities of balancing these elements within her carefully considered compositions.  Drawing on her surroundings for inspiration and in particular from the wildflowers observed on walking in the Scottish countryside.  Visual accuracy is not the paramount importance in her compositions, she is intrigued by the associations that selected objects appear to have with memory. Using a bold colour palette and often scratching away surfaces to reveal pre laid colours, her aim is to evoke the essence of a memory in all her work. 
Mairi Stewart is an Artist Member of the Paisley Art Institue. She has work in many private collections in the UK, Europe and the USA.