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Born in 1951, Luella Martin is known for her solar etchings of shoreline and countryside. Often referencing quiet places on the South Downs which she visits repeatedly, Luella’s atmospheric work invites us to appreciate the natural world and connect with it. Ultimately about light and the way it changes with weather, season and time of day, her etchings are of scenes that feel familiar but also arouse curiosity.
Solar etching is an eco-friendly, modern way of working which uses sunlight (or UV lamp) and tap water to process steel photopolymer plates without harmful chemicals. After processing, the plates are inked and wiped by hand and the image is printed on to etching paper ‘intaglio’ using a traditional etching press. Luella also often combines her printed images with loose gestural painting on the paper, blurring the boundaries between the two mediums.
Each of Luella’s limited edition solar etchings can go through up to 14 different steps between the original idea and the finished framed piece and is individually hand-made.

Please check with the Gallery that the Etching Editions are still available to purchase