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Born in 1954, Louise came to painting from a background in ceramics and ceramic sculpture. She was elected a member of the New English Art Club in 2011, and a member of the Royal West of England Academy in the same year. She has shown in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Threadeedle Prize, the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, the Discerning Eye exhibition, and the Hunting Art Prize.
Louise says, "my work is inspired by an emotional and intuitive response to the natural world, in particular to the quality of light, which is a vital part of the mood of my paintings. I look for places which inspire me, and which I feel connect me with the wildness of nature. There are particular places which I love for their sense of space and wildness and for their history, such as hill-forts, trackways and barrows. I'm aiming to tap into a deeper sense of relationship with the natural world, one which I feel as a society we are losing touch with.
I draw outside, I'll then use that experience to paint in my studio, trying to capture something of my excitement in the landscape through intuitive and gestural brushstrokes. I am aiming to evoke memories and personal interpretations in the viewer, and I want somehow to put into the paintings the experience of being there, the weather, sounds, smells and the feeling of being in that particular landscape, as much as what I can see."