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Born in London 1964, Jo Oakley graduated in Fine Art from the North East London Polytechnic. Initially specialising in printmaking she naturally progressed to painting later on.
She describes her work as ‘My paintings are infinitely domestic. The images I use have become symbols of the celebration I feel for the women in my life past and present. The objects I use are deeply cherished and loved. The kitchen is the heart of the house, the kitchen table, the pots, cups and bowls are vessels for this narrative. In the summer months I spend time on the Kent coast and have done since childhood. The nostalgia I experience here is another narrative for my work. Although using these same symbols, in my most recent paintings the perspective has shifted slightly. The previously distant shapes of the sails on the horizon have come closer. These paintings are about love, loss and the contemplation of time passing'.
She builds up the surface of the canvas with a combination of gesso and oil, creating layers of paint and using glazes that allow the undertone of the previous layer to influence the final layer.
Jo has regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, at major art fairs in London, Bath and Cambridge and across the UK. Her work has also been shown across Europe, in Paris, Amsterdam and Stockholm.