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Greg grew up near the Avon gorge in Bristol and from an early age was a keen observer of birds. He studied Zoology at Cardiff University; then in 1988 he undertook a foundation course at Manchester polytechnic. This course allowed him to extend his working methods to go beyond just drawing and to push boundaries with the materials that he was using.
In 1983 when he left Cardiff University Greg met and worked with two artists, Nicola Henley and Kim Atkinson, following which his work developed in a new direction. Both these artists continue to influence the style in which Greg works.
In 1985 he spent the bird migration season at Long Point bird observatory, Ontario. Greg says of this time ‘This was the moment of revelation for me. I was with one other ornithologist, in a tent on a beach ridge hundreds of miles from the nearest people. Icebergs offshore, caribou migrating, arctic fox on the neighbouring ridge and all kinds of exotic birds in this near 24 hour clear light. I made the resolution to find a way of expressing what I was seeing as soon as I returned to Britain.
Greg has been commissioned on a number of illustration projects. In 1993 he was elected a member of Society of Wildlife Artists.

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