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Emma Brownjohn, born 1969, studied at Camberwell College of Arts gaining a 1st class BA honours degree for fine art illustration. Following her degree she worked for many years as a freelance illustrator and muralist, commissioned by the likes of Harrods, Coca Cola, The Independent, Penguin and Absolut Vodka. She has also written and illustrated her own series of children's books titled "Yes I can help save the planet".Since 2005 Emma has concentrated solely on her painting. Her work is a constantly evolving journey into how colours interact and play against one another. She likes to use large planes of semi-muted background by building up layers of pattern and texture, then punctuates them with surprising sparks of colour. Depicting landscapes and cityscapes the human relationship to these spaces is a strong part of the composition.Although many of her works are inspired by personal experience, she strives to make them feel as universal and aesthetically pleasing as possible, so that viewers can see her world but be transported into their own dreams or memories.Emma has since 2005 exhibited in private galleries in London and the provinces.