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Born in London in 1952, Anita is the daughter of an artist, painter and wood carver.  She has always been passionate about three dimensional art and in her twenties Antia studied life drawing at the Redhill School of Art.  At this time Anita began sculpting under David Milner.  Time spent living in Athens and Rome was also inspirational and Anita continued to study sculpture. Anita's inspiration is the natural world and the human body in particular, the love between people - be it between a parent and a child or between a couple. Her abstract bronzes are never so far removed from the figurative as to become unrecognisable but she also creates purely abstract pieces, organic forms based on nature or inspired by music. To create a fluid shape which has movement, from a substance as solid as stone; to capture the tension in curves and the interaction of a particular shape with another fascinates Anita constantly. Anita says there is a point when there is a ‘rightness' to a shape and it is for this that she is continually searching.

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