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Born in 1975 Angela grew up by the coast, her early love of art and the written word combined with much time spent at the nearest zoo leading to an art degree with an illustration pathway.
She is rapidly gaining recognition for her atmospheric portrayals of the natural world. Working predominantly in pencil the pictures are suffused with a sense of drama and mood that are suggestive of both narrative and character.
Although referenced as ‘drawings’, her approach to her art is more akin to that of the sculptor chipping away to reveal the form within, sculpting with graphite or charcoal on paper rather than stone. Her work is painstaking and labour intensive, layer upon layer of fine graphite or charcoal, much as others build up oil or watercolour washes, thus achieving an increased sense of depth and tone. Angela has more recently begun exploring the ancient technique of silverpoint, whereby silver wire is drawn across a prepared gesso surface, a technique used by scribes, craftsmen and artists for centuries. Inspiration for her work comes from the form of a living creature combined with tonal contrast, creating a sense of drama and suspense through the interplay of light and dark. She would say she interprets tone via subject and is inspired most by etchings and old black and white photography.
Angela has exhibited with the Society of Feline Artist and Society of Women Artists in London and was the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010 Black and White category winner.