Our first exhibition for 2018 is a solo show of paintings and original prints by Carry Akroyd. The Exhibition, 24th March – 11th April, is titled Found in the Fields. As a painter and printmaker Akroyd likes to work in different media and the exhibition includes 40 paintings and drawings alongside the artist’s set of 16 hand-drawn lithographs incorporating texts from the nineteenth century poet John Clare. These original artist’s prints were made in 2011, a mini-series that has toured in various manifestations from St Andrews to Stroud, from Hampshire to Hay on Wye. This series also forms a section in Carry’s new book, ‘Found in the Fields’, and is part of her solo show.
The 18th century ‘peasant poet’ John Clare, who lived in Northamptonshire, has been a strong influence on Akroyd’s work and his poetry is never far from her mind.  Akroyd’s landscapes examine the relationship between wildlife and agriculture. Though separated by 200 years, both poet and artist responded to enormous transformations in the farming landscape.